#25DayBlogChallenge Day 2: 20 Facts About Me


Selamat datang pada kejenuhan berikutnya! Hari ini aku dapet tugas nyeritain 20 fakta tentang diri sendiri. Kebetulaaaaan banget beberapa pekan lalu ada tantangan yang sama di instagram. Aku juga curiga tantangan ini berhubungan. Yaudah lah ya, kita perparah kejenuhan ini dengan memulai pembahasan tentang hal-hal membosankan berikut:

this is crazy beauty #20FactsAboutMe
1. ordinary muslimah
2. really like Barthes’ semiotic
3. random thinker. still studying structural thinking through writing and public speaking
4. steeped in cultural studies
5. etnographer wanna be
6. ever made bread, condensed milk, and instant noodles as a staple food
7. fried rice lovers since high school
8. love the creative world
9. want to live in a blessed house with blessed people
10. partner in crime of @fatimahhusna and @linaafyan | like a curse that can only be freed by prince
11. gordes (can’t translated in english)
12. novel hater
13. possessive
14. know a lot of people but have little friends
15. blood type O with choleric personality
16. struggle woman
17. personal appearance is not my concern
18. silence when angry
19. still studying ilmu taubat
20. obsessed to be tawakkal person

Ini bener-bener salin – tempel dari instagram karena ternyata ketika aku jelasin satu-satu bener-bener bisa ngabisin berlembar-lembar halaman A4 hahaha! Ali bin Abi Thalib bilang, gak usah cerita tentang diri sendiri lah, orang lain gak terlalu peduli kok (kata-kata versi aku-pen). Nggak penting juga panjang lebar soal ini.

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  1. wuih keren

  2. novel hater >,<

  3. itu tolong point 16-17 dikoreksi yaaa, saya tunggu koreksinya segera


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